Trade embargo? Corruption??

Kythorn 7, 1493 DR After the City Watch barracks at the River Gate in the Trade Ward were recently attacked and overrun, there have been pamphlets posted throughout the city--on City Watch stationary, and spattered with blood--which read as follows: City Watch Memorandum From: Laeral Silverhand To: City Watch Captains (eyes only) Men, everything is proceeding according to plan.  Keep up the good efforts.  Our glorious city will soon be rid of these merchants.  Our plan to blockade the city of all ships is going well.  Remember to continue harassing merchants on entry into Waterdeep, until they have no desire to return to this city.  We will soon have complete control over all trade coming into Waterdeep. Speculation is running rampant in the City.  Some claim these pamphlets are obvious forgeries.  While others note that there has been a dramatic reduction of shipping into Waterdeep in recent months--with rumors of a new pirate Lord who is attacking many ships heading north to Waterdee

Up the creek without a Paddle

Kythorn 6, 1493 DR A truly disgusting problem is afflicting residents in southern Waterdeep.  It appears there has been a systemic catastrophic failure where the sewers empty into the ocean.  Dirty water and raw sewage is flooding basements and even some low lying streets throughout the Docks Ward, the Trade Ward, and the Castle Ward. According to Mundungus Fletcher--Head of the Cellerer's and Plumber's Guild, the guild is working hard to locate the source of the problem.  "Me boys are trying their hardest to find where this backup is stemming from so we can get it fixed.  But we're having a real tough time of it.  There's some really nasty undead down there in the sewers--and they don't seem affected by the sewage at all.  You can't SEE anything in there, and you'll be making your way through the muck, when all of a sudden one of them worm-zombies will just come at you out of nowhere.  It's a real tough situation.  We're committed to finding th

Help Wanted

To the Red-headed League: On account of the bequest of the late Urth Helder, of Mirabar, there are now several vacancies open which entitle a member of the League to a salary of 14 gold pieces a week for purely nominal services. All red-headed men who are sound in body and mind, and above the age of twenty-one years, are eligible. Apply in person on Monday, Kythorn 7, at eleven o'clock, to Duncan Ross, at the offices of the League, 7 Couatl Court, Feather Street, Sea Ward

"A Requiem for Father Earendil"

Mirtul 27, 1493 DR The Rev. Earendil Meliamne, pastor of St. Peren, Traditional Sylvan rite church and one of the best-known priests in Waterdeep, died yesterday while helping kill a vampire lurking beneath the city, church leaders reported. The death of "Father Aer," as he was known to parishioners and members of the general public, sent shock waves through the congregation and the larger religious community as word of his death spread. "It is just unbelievable. He was so healthy and robust and outgoing," said Father Laurus Amakiir, formely a parochial vicar-- who now leads St. Peren TSR in the wake of Father Earendil's passing. Amakier said Father Earendil, 645, was helping a group of local adventurers go after the "Baron of Blood"--a vampire who apparently lived in Waterdeep for centuries--but was generally considered an urban legend.  "What we know is very sketchy," he said.  "It appears that Father Earendil approached Baron Aeoth an

Prison Break foiled by City Watch

"Prison Break Foiled by City Watch" Mirtul 13, 1493 DR According to sources in the Waterdeep Prison, a daring escape attempt was foiled yesterday, thanks to the vigilance of City Watch, combined with the potent arcane wards preventing all teleportation in-or-out. During his routine patrol, Officer Dain Balderk noticed a woman and a halfling both seemingly attempting to use a spell-scroll in Xandala Esoterica's cell.  Given the fact that this halfling had managed to break in to Waterdeep Prison without being detected, Balderk summoned back-up, which was able to subdue both without too much difficulty. The halfling has been identified as Lyle Leagallow--of Undercliff.  Apparently, Mr. Leagallow is also a wererat, which explains how he was able to infiltrate the Waterdeep Prison without being detected.  However, due to the permanent antimagic field warding the prison, neither Xandala or Lyle were able to use the spell scrolls to escape.  Mr. Leagallow is being held in a were

Successful Raid on Undermountain

Mirtul 8, 1493 DR According to our correspondent in the Yawning Portal, a large group of more than 20 adventurers entered Undermountain yesterday. The leader of this group was a shirtless, muscular man. Apparently, the leader of this party successfully recruited followers while venturing below the city. Because, several hours later the group emerged from Undermountain now more than 40 members strong.

Waterdeep's New Top Cop

BREAKING NEWS "Waterdeep's New Top Cop" Mirtul 10, 1493 DR At her latest conference with the Scrivener's Guild, the Open Lord announced that she has accepted the resignation of Lander Hornraven, Commander of the City Watch.  Hornraven was appointed Commander of the City Watch in 1485, under the Neverember administration. Open Lord Silverhand commented, "on behalf of all of the people of Waterdeep, I want to thank him for his service to our city. Hornraven worked hard to protect our public safety."  Hornraven stated: "It has been an honor to serve this city that I love for so many years.  Most of all, I want to thank my fellow members of the City Watch." Later in the conference, Silverhand announced her appointment of Commander Amhgo Murphy to replace Commander Hornraven.  When questioned, Silverhand stated: "This is not in reaction to unfounded and baseless criticisms directed against the outstanding service and professionalism of our City Wat